Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google Earth content

Location Activity Description
Google Earth content

(what layer, tool, content

within Google Earth will you use)

1. Gettysburg

Explore a battle site. Places of Interest

2. Lincoln Memorial

Reminds us how Lincoln ended slavery and the importance thereof. Road view, tour inside

3. Southern plantation

Give the students a taste of what the Southern life was like for slaves and non-slaves. To show the differences between the North and the South. Weather and terrain

4. Cemetery

To emphasize the reality and impact of how many people died. YouTube video

Activity types, Technology options, Affordances, and Constraints

Civil War – Virtual Field Trip

Google Earth Travel the world without leaving home, see real-life things, more exciting and interactive than a textbook
Not current because it is history, not always a really clear view

Webquests Assesses Internet skills, learn about more than they intended to
May run into inappropriate content on the web, may be difficult for students to research

Civil War- Experience the reality
Video cameras Fun and exciting for the students, personal, get to see themselves, can replay it later
Kids may get rowdy, takes time, students may be too shy or feel left out
Television They can see themselves or they can watch a TV Time-consuming
Sound effects Makes it more real Too distracting, loud, scary

Civil War- Role play diaries/scrapbook

Photo Story
Fun way to display the pictures and information all in one place, utilizes creativity May be too difficult, may turn into a very time-consuming project
Add music Makes it more interesting, can make it more presentable to perhaps parents May take too long to find, copyright issues

Activity Type Possible Technologies Used for this content/With these kids
Affordances Constraints

Civil War- Experience the Battles
YouTube videos Makes it very real for students May be too disturbing, graphic, emotional

Movies Usually give students an even better perspective and usually tell a story May be too disturbing, graphic, emotional

Civil War- Chronology of Events
SmartBoard Students can learn how to put the events in chronological order in a fun, visual, and interactive way Students may get too rowdy and competitive

Buzzers Makes the game more fun for students to buzz when they have put the events in order May be too competitive

Civil War- Pros and Cons of the North VS the South – Study for Jeopardy with Voice Thread
Voice Thread This makes the students use their oral and auditory skills- they can also learn to share information with their classmates and to study auditively and they can also feel like an expert in their area that they shared information about. Good review and preparation for the game show. More fun way to study, unique homework assignment. This may be too complicated for fifth graders, may be difficult for visual learners, may not be the most effective study method for students

Powerpoint Jeopardy on a powerpoint makes the game more exciting than simply on a whiteboard- you can use sound effects as well to simulate a gameshow Game may get too competitive, may not be the best way to simulate Jeopardy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A pro about using technology to create and show a digital storytelling project can interest the kids. It can make a common school subject exciting for a student, especially one with a short attention span.
however, a digital project cannot teach the children fully. Any type of digital learning tool should be backed up with a lesson plan from the teacher. A short movie should not be the main part in the learning process. An activity should also be emphasized for practice also.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

I was able to read through and comment on a few of my peers' storyboards that they have posted on their blogs including: Haley Vandemerwe, Aubrey Barker, Catherine norris, Cherie Abiang, and Brittany Beecher. The storyboards presented look great and I can't wait to see their final projects.

Especially with dealing with students with disabilities, movie projects will be helpful in teaching them. They will appreciate a new form of learning and hopefully enjoy it. However, when creating a storyboard, one must be aware of what the student is actually learning from the presentation. A teacher's goal is to teach, not just to entertain.