Thursday, April 15, 2010

WEEK 11 PLE: Reflection on TPACK

After reading this, I learned a lot about what TPACK actually is. It stands for Technological Pedagogical And Content Knowledge. Three different frameworks come together: TPACK = PK + TK+ CK. These 3 frameworks together is the best when teaching, because the teacher has the ability to effectively get the message across to the student, knows the facts, and can utilize technology to further enforce learning.
I thought it was interesting because technologies are referred to as tools. And that is exactly what they are.

I used to tutor math in high school. I was used to using a graphing calculator since I was in Calculus, thus I had TK(Technological knowledge). I also had knowledge of the topic I would need to teach (at least most of the time, when I hadn't forgotten a certain concept haha). That is CK (content knowledge). I don't know how good I was in using my PK (pedagogical knowlege), but I attempted to present the material in an understandable way. so that the student would not forget quickly and be able to do math problems on their own. I'm not sure how successful I was as a peer tutor, but I would try my best to apply TPCK.

In this class, some technologies we have used are:
Imovie: If a student watches this, then it would be a visual representation and auditory representation.
Google Earth: This is multimodal representation.
Blogging: This is a dynamic way to assess a student.
a temperature probe: This is a dynamic representation.

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