Thursday, April 15, 2010

WEEK 12 PLE: Technology with Young Children

When using technology it is important to make it educational, and not just entertaining. In Mrs. Parkinson's I love Spiders lesson, though it was a fun activity, she used disposable "spider" cams for educational purposes.
In the Brown bear lesson plan, students were to create. This allows the student to think for themselves and communicate in some way what they have learned. Drawing on the computer gives interest to the lesson. It is exciting, especially for a kindergarten student.

An aspect I liked about drawing on a computer, for example, is that the technology is easily used. The student does not need to have amazing computer experience and skills. There is no extra learning time wasted. Mrs. Robinson also mentioned that using the computer allows the child to experiment and discover and learn to utilize this tool.

It was also interesting to think about the child’s availability to technology outside of the classroom. This video clip is outdated, but this idea applies to any type of technology. They don’t usually have tons of amazing educational technologies at home. So, time used at school with these technologies should not be wasted. At school may be the first opportunity for the child to use the tools provided.

Also, An important thing that both of these lesson plans embraced was the application of the technologies.

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